Ghana’s Amartey to take home £40K after FA cup victory


Ghanaian International Daniel Amartey following Leicester City FA Cup Victory over Chelsea FC on Sunday will take home some Euros.

Their historic first ever FA Cup victory have rewarded each player a net up to £40,000. Daniel Amartey despite not playing in the final will receive his share of the money. The defender will be £40k richer.

In 2016, all the players were rewarded with new state-of-the-art BMW’s for winning the Premier League. And this time around, it’s a £40k reward.

The Foxes’ on Sunday beat Chelsea FC 1-0 to lift their historic first-ever FA Cup trophy.

Leicester City face the Blues in a clash on Tuesday for Champions League qualification and will be rewarded if they clinch their return to European football’s top table.

The team bonus schedule will automatically increase if they finish higher in the Premier League and thus top four.

Leicester are third on the league with two points clear of fourth-placed Chelsea. Three points above Liverpool who are hoping to beat Burnley on Wednesday.

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