Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana FA awards three(3) points to Heart of Lions and fines Phar Rangers GH2500


Heart of Lions FC protested against Phar Rangers FC for instigating acts that led to the abrupt end of their Division One League Matchday 15. Zone 3 match played at the Mampong Town park.

Heart of Lions FC prayed the Committee to be awarded three points and three goals as stipulated in Article
33.1(b) of the GFA Division One League Regulations.

According to the Petitioner, in the 84th minute of the match, a player of the Respondents was cautioned by the Referee for fouling a player of the away team. The player was being attended to by the medics, an official of Phar Rangers was shown the red card and was asked to move out of the inner perimeter.

The Petitioner further claimed that supporters of the home team started throwing stones at the Referee. The Petitioner alleged that a stone hit the jaw of the Referee which resulted in an instant swell.

The Petitioner indicated that the Referee then decided not to continue the match due to the injury and the atmosphere at the stadium. It is the case of the Petitioner that after some holdup and pleadings from Officials of Phar Rangers, the Referee agreed to continue the match only if the Security and Officials of the home team drive the supporters away from where they were standing.

Heart of Lions has been declared winners of their Division One League Day 15 match against Phar Rangers which ended abruptly.

In accordance with Article 56 of the GFA Statutes (2019) and Articles, 35(9) of the GFA Division One League Regulations, this Disciplinary Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the committee”) considered the depositions from Heart of Lions FC (hereinafter referred to as “the Petitioner”) and the Statement of Defence from Phar Rangers FC (hereinafter referred to as “the Respondent”) with their supporting attachments, the reports of the match officials, and the video of the match.



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