FEATURE: Sacking CK Akonnor is not the end of Black Stars’ woes


To many, C.K. Akonnor has been used as a sacrificial lamb to save the faces of some powerful people running Ghana’s football, the football people.

To others, the abysmal performance of C.K. Akonnor is responsible for his predicament, and that his dismissal has been long overdue.

Out of the ten matches he has played, he has won four, lost four, and drawn two. Those teams he won against are what one would say are minnows in football.

Some have argued that for a coach who is poised to do something and has the competence to handle the Black Stars, he called up over sixty players despite his promise to use just forty players. Even with this, very little has been achieved in terms of results.

In my considered opinion, though C.K. has been anything but competent, we simply do not have quality players.

The problems with our Black Stars go beyond Akonnor. The challenges are multifaceted and it is high time we took the time to delve into all of them with the view to finding solutions for it.

Kurt and his team maybe thinking that a different coach can pilot the Black Stars from the stormy weather condition it finds itself in to one of safety.

If the next coach is unable to produce magic, Kurt and his people would find themselves wanting. Maybe, they will not select players for the next coach to handle the Black Stars. Hope is miles away from us, if you ask me.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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