This is the most bogus decision I’ve ever seen – Kofi Manu on Phar Rangers ban


Astute football administrator, Kofi Manu ‘Blue Boy’ has lashed out at the Ghana Football Football (GFA) Disciplinary Committee’s decision to ban lower-tier side Phar Rangers from all football-related activities.

The decision was announced on Wednesday by the FA via its official website after the Disciplinary Committee ruled on the matter.

The Committee found Phar Rangers guilty of withdrawing from all GFA-sanctioned activities and competitions without just cause in breach of Article 13 of the GFA’s Division One League regulations.

The Disciplinary Committee imposes the ban on the club, its directors, and shareholders for breaches to the regulations of the association for a period of five years.

The DC considered in its ruling that, withdrawal of a club from all competitions is not a light-hearted matter of fancy especially for a reason that the club is defunct. The consequences of a club being defunct and a Board.

However, reacting to the ruling, Kofi Manu said; “If Phar Rangers decides not to take this case at the highest level, I will singlehandedly deal with it because this is the most bogus decision I have ever seen with all the years I have been in football,” he told Opemsuo radio in Kumasi.


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