UEFA Leagues Supremo condemns FIFA medical chief’s insistence on cancelling season amid COVID-19 shutdown.


European League’s boss Lars-Christer Olsson has sternly warned Michel D’Hooghe to desist from his comments insisting the unfinished season be cancelled.

FIFA medical chief D’Hooghe said football should not return until after September, even behind closed doors. But Swede Olsson told him to keep his mouth shut, while UEFA’s own medical professor believes it is “definitely possible” to restart the season. He insists Michael knows the truth and is only throwing dust into the eyes of the public.
“The head of the Fifa medical committee needs to keep his advice to himself”, retorted Olsson.
“He has no idea what’s happening in each country in Europe — he does not have the complete data of the state of COVID-19 in the various countries.” Belgian D’Hooghe has warned that an early return could lead to a second spike of coronavirus infections with it’s associated deaths. He stressed, “It’s a matter of life and death. Football is not ready for a competitive return.”
But ex-Uefa chief executive Olsson — now president of the Association of European Leagues — added, “He must understand his words carry weight and are not as the opinions of a private person but a representative of Fifa. In Europe most want to finish the season if it’s possible”.

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