UEFA announces exceptional measures for financial fair play


After validating Final 8 in the Champions League, the governing body of European football this time has just formalized the relaxation of the FPF.


After several time of rumors, now is the time for official announcements. Thus, after confirming the formats of the end of the season in the Champions League and in the Europa League, UEFA this time expressed itself on another subject much awaited by the clubs: the relaxation of the rules of fair -financial play. COVID-19 crisis forces many clubs to find themselves in extremely complicated financial situations. Faced with this exceptional situation, many therefore demanded a gesture from the European football governing body via the FPF rules.

The latter listened to them and has therefore just published the measures adopted, confirming however that the FPF version 2020 has not been canceled. “The UEFA Executive Committee met today by videoconference and approved a set of temporary emergency measures as an addendum to the club license and financial fair play regulations to address account for the negative effects of COVID-19 on club finances. These measures were developed and supported unanimously by all stakeholders in the UEFA emergency working group on legal, regulatory and financial matters, which includes representatives of UEFA, the Court European accounts, European leagues and FIFPRO Europe. “
OM not out of the woods.

And not surprisingly, the main measure is the postponement by one year of the validation of the accounts for 2020. “The evaluation of the financial year 2020 is postponed for one season and will be examined at the same time as the financial year 2021”, says UEFA on its official website. Good news, therefore, for most of the training. However, for the clubs already targeting the governing body before the health crisis, the sword of Damocles is still there.

The 2020/2021 monitoring period is shortened and covers only two reporting periods (years ended in 2018 and 2019). The 2021/2022 monitoring period is extended and covers four reporting periods (years ended in 2018).

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